Sacred Space Offerings

Workshops and Retreats

Sacred Space at Home Discover how the physical space where you live can support and mirror the interior space of your spiritual journey. By tapping into the intuitive wisdom from childhood, archetypal patterns of sacred structures, and key principles of architecture you can create physical environments that foster a deeper connection with the divine and spaces that resonate with your heart. This workshop/retreat will expand your understanding of sacred space and offer practical tools for creating it.

Sacred Space in a Place of Worship Envision the community space where you gather for worship or meditation being a delightful place of sanctuary. This workshop/retreat builds on the concepts presented in Sacred Space at Home. By paying attention to your body's wisdom and subtle patterns of sacred space such as thresholds, rituals, beauty, focal points, meaningful objects, and prayer, your place of worship or meditation can become a space that enlivens your spirit.

Sacred Space Within Explore the sacred space that dwells at the core of your being. By listening to your sacred song, the still small voice deep in your inner sanctuary, you are guided to a fuller life. To understand the architecture of your interior holy place, this workshop/retreat will look at archetypal patterns found in sacred structures around the world and notice how they mirror the spiritual journey. It will also explore the blocks that keep you from entering your inner sanctuary and offer tools that can break through these blocks, particularly practicing self-compassion. By embracing all of who you are, you become a gift, a living sanctuary, in the world.

Private Workshops and Consultations

Anne is available to meet with small groups for private workshops or with individuals for personal consultations in their home.

To schedule a workshop, retreat or consultation, please Contact Anne.

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